Saturday, September 5, 2009

And Some Pictures :)

I have totally neglected my Blog YET AGAIN! here are some new pictures from the past few months. we Visited Gary in MD 2 times and had a FABULOUS time each visit :)

I went to MD for a few days without Tyler for the 4th of July. I swear I fell Madly in Love all over again this weekend. This picture says it all.

Another picture for the 4th of July. WOW Is he handsome in Uniform or what!!!??

Tyler and I both went to MD for Gary's 27th Birthday.
This picture was taken By the Bay on Base.

HAPPY birthday Daddy!
We Brought him a cake and spent another night on base with him

What a STUD!!

This gun is FAKE, just for traning,
but WOW, look at the TOUGH guy!

A favorite picture of mine from our trip.

We LOVE Rock state Park in MD

We walked around the inner Harbor and visited the Baltimore aquarium
We didnt mind the rain, we had eachother :)

I wish I could describe the love between these two,
and how excited Tyler was to be in Daddys world of tanks while we were on Base.

Just a Random shot of my HANDSOME little Love.

I discovered these collages and fell in Love!


WOW! SO much has happened since I last posted. I have been fairly scarce on ebay :( Aside from a few custom orders, I havnt been doing a whole lot of scrap booking and I miss it! You may or may not have seen in my auctions, but......


Crazy right? About 6 months ago my husband Joined the Army, Completed BCT in June and has been in Maryland now for almost 11 weeks doing his advanced training to be a tank mechanic. He hasnt slept in my bed now in over 5 months, and I just want him BACK ALREADY!! So He gets HOME in a little over a week :):):) Sept 16th to be exact. Then we will have a month in Arizona to spend time with our families and friends, and we than start our Journey to Germany. After training all active duty soldiers get orders to a Duty station (called a PCS) and out of his whole company in AIT, he was one of the Few NOT going to Ft.HOOD Texas. BAUMHOLDER, Here come the Bersets. Its quite the process to get sponsored to get a visa in Germany, so Its likely I wont get to go WITH gary in the end of Oct, but we are praying if we have deferred travel orders, Tyler and I will be in Germany with Daddy shorty after him, if not WITH him.

I am kind of at a loss for what this means for Julies Pieces :(:( Of course I will still be creating. Of course I hope more wonderful customers will still want Julies Pieces INTERNATIONAL creations :):) Shipping will be a whole new ball game for me, Hopefully using the FPO/APO will be a good experience. I did check out the German EBAY, and WOW... EVERYTHING is in German... I was flat out LOST :(:( I am taking German lessons and know some key words and Numbers and 99.9% of the German ebay was flat out gibberish.

Ayyway..... can you tell I ramble yet?

So we will have our belongings shipped overseas. regardless of when Tyler and I get to Germany, Our Stuff wont be there for a month or 2, so I will be MIA in the scrapbook community At least that long. No cd's No layouts, no Nadda :(:( I sure hope to remain with my fabulous design team and be back active in the community after Christmas. I hope to keep in touch with my fabulous Customers/Friends in the Ebay-Scrapbook Community. Thanks to everyone for your support over the years. Its been a wild ride and I cant wait to Be creating in GERMANY!!!!