Friday, June 4, 2010

LONG overdue update

Well, I am confident there is NO possible way to totally update in one or even 10 posts. I cannot believe the last time i blogged was BEFORE i moved to Germany. SHAME ON ME! lol

Tyler and I Joined Gary in Germany late November. We had a Brutally COLD winter here, and MISSED Az winter weather, family,and friends for sure!!! We have been SO happy to be back with Daddy though. Now that summer is here, and the weather is FInALLY getting nicer (in june I should add) we have been loving it here. This post is a Bit wacky, but our family is together again!!! I will make it a point to get on here more next week and upload pictures and update on life in EUROPE!!!!! the sights, and castles are AMAZING!

Right now I am working on a HUGE order. 53 pages to be exact... I started them Thursday and they need to ship to the uk MONDAY (its its Friday night) AHHH I should not be blogging right now!

I DO have plenty of time on my hands, and PLENTY to rant AND Rave about, when not working on Crazy orders :) I will be back soon to update. As of now, we are all well and made it to Germany.