Monday, September 22, 2008

Paper Piecing Pattern Cd's

I worked and worked the last 3 years creating new and fun, Original paper piecing animals, bears, kids and more, and decided to try something new and exciting with them, Which brought me to present to all my wonderful customers and friends, my: PATTERN PALS, Paper piecing pattern instructional Cd's. Make sure you visit my auctions on Ebay and Etsy for more details and to purchase these cds. I have had great feedback regarding how easy they are to use, how easy the characters are to make, and of course, how cute my little PATTERN PALS critters are. From Baby Bears, Paper piecing Bear clothing patterns, to an aray of 44 animals, The amount of fun you can have creating my pieces is sure to be Endless!

My Mega animal pattern cd is a cd LOADED with over 40 Patterns
with a HUGE variety of fun animals to create!

DO you have a new baby? A baby shower to attend? A scrapbook loving friend who is about to have a new baby? This LITTLE ONES pattern cd has lots of adorable baby themed patterns including a bear pattern, baby boy and girl clothing patterns, and baby accessory patterns.

My Bear Wear Clothing and accessory cd has patterns for both Boys and Girls clothing items, AND of course my adorable bear pattern. All of my cd's also include eyes to get you started and I give the source for you to make unlimited eyes, EASILY and for a very minimal one time cost.

My OBJECTS/THEMED bear cd has lots of FUN themed patterns including
*Birthday*Beach*Water*Fruit*Sweets*School* and more!!!

My CUTE KIDS pattern cd has patterns to make Both Boy and Girl Characters. I incude hair styles, clothing, full instructions. Completed examples, and eyes in Blue, green and Brown. ALSO on this cd is a print file to print unlimited eyes for free!

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