Sunday, February 15, 2009


SO many changes are taking place in my life. In the last 2 months my husband and i have decided that we are joining the ARMY! This is something my husband has wanted to do since before we met 10 years ago. This wednesday he will go and officially enlist and swear in. I AM SO NERVOUS, EXCITED,SCARED, etc etc! With the yucky economy, and need for soldiers, we just feel as if this is the right decision for us. we are both as prepared as we can be to part with one another for his basic training for 9 weeks and then his Advanced training for Many more weeks. After he finishes both courses we will get our orders and move to wherever the Army tells us too! I never in a million years would have though i would leave WARM and BEAUTIFUL arizona, but I am taking every change with an open mind. We are also Both aware that there is a VERY good chance that he will deployed to war for 12 months, and allthough I am VERY scared of this, It is somthing that i have grown to except and understand. I am so Proud of my soilder to be. We have already moved out of our House and in with My Mother and Step Father In Law. I feel so welcome here and BLESSED to have them and all my family and friends to keep Tyler and myself busy while Gary is away. Please pray for us and for Gary's saftey. I am sure I will have my bad days,But more than anything i am SO VERY PROUD of my Love.

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