Sunday, February 15, 2009

Julies Pieces NEW OFFICE!

in my previous post I noted That we have moved in with the inlaws.... OF COURSE i cannot just quit my work, and i actually think My scrapbooking career will help get me through the times where i feel lonely or sad. I am BLESSED with a FABULOUS office to create in while I am here with the inlaws. My Mother in law used to work from home and is now working out of the home and has allowed me to clutter her beautiful office with all of my scrapbooking goodies. This office is BEAUTIFUL and I am so excited to share some pictures of it!

Here is a view of the Whole Office. It is open to the Family room AND living room
and here is a close up of My side.... I was so nervous all my stuff would overwhelm My inlaws, but once my Mother in law (WHO IS MORE THAN A MOTHER IN LAW, BUT MY MOTHER ON LOVE AND A DEAR FRIEND) saw it together, said it looked good and Colorful!
after 10 years of collection scrapbook goodies, I have quite the collection.... I do my best to not hoard and try to use LOTS of goodies on every piece I create.
I use all these little drawers for my themes buttons and charms. I keep them right where i work, because sometimes i forget what i have!

Its hard to pick a favorite part of this office But these half walls fit my paper storage racks and drawers PERFECTLY!

I do have to say I miss hanging all my stuff right in front of me on my pegboards, But I am certainly NOT comlaining!

Here are some of my ribbons and misc things.
all of the things that were once on my pegs are now in these drawers tucked into another adorable half wall
well, thats all for now....

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