Sunday, February 15, 2009

Skiing in Flagstaff

So i have really neglected my Blog and am feeling chatty today so here I am again! Because my hubby is leaving in a few short weeks, we are trying to do lots together and making lots of memories to hold onto while he is gone. Last week we made a trip up to flagstaff, AZ ( a few hour drive Up north in Arizona) and went skiing! here are a few pictures of us "tearing up" the slopes. This was only my second time skiing. I can tell I am getting older and wiser. The first time we went skiing 4 years ago I ski'd down a black diamond slope (VERY STEEP for advanced skiers) this time we did beginner slopes and one intermediate slope. I refused to do anything that made me shake in my ski's!!! lol

Here I am on the Bunny slope getting familiar with the Ski's.

and here is the Love of my Life.If you have ever been skiing you know its VERY exhausting! If i could give any advice I would say DONT drive after a day of skiing, get your hotel the Night after skiing and not before... we always make this mistake and drive home POOPED!

Allthough Tyler is one year too young to Ski, My mother in law drove up later in the day with Tyler to let him r play in the snow. (we dont get ANY snow where we live)I know where my husband aquired his selflessness trait. Gary and his mom and are the most generous people I know. They will do anything to make the people they love Smile. I am so blessed to call them both my family!Here are Tyler, Gary and my Mother in Love Sharon.
We had such a nice mini trip!

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